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Introduction Swanniie

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Hello my fellow yellow Mooplers, my name is Swanniie (Swanny) and I hail from Great Britannia. I am 22-Years old and you've problably seen me semi-active around on that 'other' EMS forum.


inb4 lifestory


I have been playing MapleStory for fookin' years. Since I was about 13 or something like that. It all started back on GMS after the Beta period... I loved the game so much I would come home everyday just to play it until sleep. I was addicted. I played GMS for many many years, and eventually I managed to get level 200 on my main character (which was pretty hard back then) playing legit. I spent a damn lot of money on NX back in those days and I really do regret it but oh well. Few months after gearing my character really well, I got hacked by those Chinese Meso Farmers. I am 100% sure they hacked me although I'm 0% sure how. I did buy meso off those sites a few times but that's it. Anyway so I lost all my shit, yet they still kept all the characters and everything, just took anything worth of value. So I do still have that same account today... level 200. ANYWAY so then I obviously quit but came back a few months later and although I always knew there were some epic hacks for maple, I never really looked into it. So now was the time, I decided to join W8baby (now known as gamersoul) and start my hacking(lolitsnotreallyhacking) career.

Eventually I decided to join EMS and play 'legit' but soon after I joined that other EMS forum. So few more years later and now we're here basically. I still do play 'legit' because I enjoy the game but I hack on the side to make it less p2w.


My actual knowledge of hacking and scripting could be considered pretty low compared to a lot of other people around here, but I do learn things very fast. I am also willing to work in a team with anyone to accomplish something (mission fuck nexon up).


Don't know why I typed so much but yeah, fuck it.



TL;DR - smd and hey guys.




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