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So I've been nagging about getting Xenforo for a while now, but we've never hosted an actual poll to get some input from other people and hear about their opinion, and therefore this thread.

Here we go then :3

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I am interested in what makes you guys choose Xenforo over IP Board? Arguments like "I am more used to Xenforo" are not really constructive and neither offer me any information to work with.

For now we'll keep running IP.Board as it's already been paid for, but of course we will evaluate your constructive criticism. So far I've heard the following arguments:

  • The theme design is too big, for example the recent topics and chatbox
  • The software does not feel intuitive when using it

Please post your arguments as well, so I can try to find a solution.

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*biased opinion from XF forum owner*

Personally, I don't mind IP but I find it to be sort of... clunky. I'm not sure how to explain it, but reading through posts just doesn't feel as appealing to the eye as it could be. Also the placement of certain things is kind of awkward, like how far away the 'Quote' and 'Like this' buttons are, I know it seems like small trivial details but these sort of things tend to affect how people adapt to the style, since these are things we are used to on almost every kind of forum. Perhaps maybe the front page could be shifted around a bit as well, like how much space the recent topics take up.

However I do really like how resources are sorted, and the chatbox is nicer than XF's IMO. Most of this really is just preference, and I'm sure everyone will have a different one. I just wanted to offer up my 2 cents as well ^_^

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