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Source MapleStory Europe v117.2 StringPool enumerator

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Here's a dumped list (index: string): http://puu.sh/pSv7l/d137c05fe9.txt

typedef ZXString<char> *(__fastcall* StringPool__GetString_t)(void *StringPool, void *edx, ZXString<char> *result, unsigned int nIdx);
void **ms_pInstance_StringPool = (void **)0x01C1C200;
auto StringPool__GetString = (StringPool__GetString_t)0x0049B330;

//some loop
	static unsigned int idx = 1;
  	char lpsz[256];
  	ZXString<char>* result = new ZXString<char>(lpsz);
  	Log(L"%i: %S \n", idx++, StringPool__GetString(*ms_pInstance_StringPool, NULL, result, idx)->_m_pStr);

Note that it crashed after 13171, you can try to see if there is any more valid strings after that.

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