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Question Can I ask update assembly?


mov eax,[01FC10F0] //8B 0D ? ? ? ? 85 ? ? ? E8 ? ? ? 00 8B 0D 78
cmp eax,0
je UAT
lea eax,[eax+DEC8]
cmp [eax],0
je UAT
mov [eax],#0
jmp UAT


this is unlimited attak assembly.

I want to know how can I find lea eax,[eax+DEC8]?

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In order to help you we need a little more information about the script you've just posted. For which MapleStory region and version is this script and what have you done yourself already?

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First you need to understand the script. It looks to me, like this script simply checks an entry in the CUserLocal structure (or so I would assume), most likely the attack-offset. With that knowledge, you can simply try finding the attack-offset.

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