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Moopler Official Moopler Launch - Preview #1

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It's a pleasure to reveal the first exclusive tool which will be released at the official launch of Moopler. Many of you might have heard rumors about Waty's side project 'WatyBot', seen screenshots of a supposed updated version or maybe even tried it for yourselves. It's true, WatyBot is being updated as we speak and will be released on Moopler to celebrate the official launch.


WatyBot will offer a complete botting solution, just like in the old days. No need to inject several DLL's, no more conflicting scripts and no more unexpected crashes. Some of the features are:

  • Kami and Kami loot
  • Item Filter
  • Public hacks such as godmode, tubi and fusion hack
  • Auto CC
  • Custom macro's
  • Spawnpoint control




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