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Moopler News - July (Part 2)

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Dear Mooplers,

In the past week some significant changes were made to Moopler with the goal of bringing Moopler in line with the never ending changes in the MapleStory hacking scene. Aside from these changes it was time to give Moopler a more decent theme and font.

Visual Changes

Behind the scenes I have been working on a new theme for Moopler, which should be a balance between light and dark. This theme will become the default theme for all Mooplers within the next two days. Aside from the new theme a new site-wide font called 'Source Sans Pro' has been configured.

The navigation bar has been reorganized to be a better fit for the increasing amount of features and content on Moopler.

Moopler Docs

We are proud to present Moopler Docs as our internal platform for interactive (background)information, which require more functionalities than a regular topic offers. The first item that utilizes the Moopler Docs platform is a timeline that displays the various announcements and changes made by Nexon Europe in preparation of the merge with Nexon America.

Moopler aims to be a community driven by the users, instead of the staff. Hence we would like to invite you to help create amazing content for Moopler Docs. Ideas for content, actual content, or functionalities are welcomed. Contact one of the staff members and see how you can help make Moopler great again.

Prefixes & Tags

Moopler has switched to a new, more legitimate plugin for handling the prefixes and tags functionality on the forum. Each (sub-)forum and downloads category now has its own predefined prefixes, which must be set when creating new content.

Additional to the prefix tags can be set on the user's discretion, enhancing the accuracy of our internal search engine. Please do note that abuse will be punished.

Programming Section

Due to a lack of activity in this section the amount of sub-forums has been reduced to the following three:

  • MapleStory Programming
  • General Programming
  • Resources

Depending on the amount of activity after Nexon Europe's merge with Nexon America the sub-forums might be reviewed.

License renewal

It has been six months since Moopler switched to a legit license for its forum software, of which the support now has expired. The renewal costs are significantly lower than the costs of a new license. We would like to remind you that Moopler relies on donations for its hosting and licenses, as there's no products or services being sold.

In the coming two weeks minor adjustments might be made to the board to ensure the best user experience.

Sincerely yours,

on behalf of The Moopler Staff

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Guest Jafel

Hey man,

I like the update, makes me feel informed and stuff. One thing I noticed is that it feels very distanced if you refer to you + hippo as "the moopler staff" the forum isn't nearly big nor professional enough to warrant that. Try a more personal tone, share a quote from our beloved moderator and just sign it off with Razz and Hippo or something.

Yeah, that's all I have to bitch about. 


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