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Question Blazing Extinction FMA script


Hi guys!

I know this has been asked before but since i cant find a working one i thought that i might ask again.


So does some1 have working Blazing Extinction fma script for EMS V.118


as always thanks in advance!

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u meant this?



mov eax,[0211A8C8] // CWvsPhysicalSpace2D: A1 ? ? ? ? 8B 50 ? 83 C0
lea eax,[eax+0C] // Left Wall Offset
mov [esp+04],eax
jmp 00BA2E70 // Original call (CMobPool::FindHitMobInRect)

call find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook

009184F9: // E8 ? ? ? ? 8B ? 89 ? ? ? 85 ? 0F 8E [First Result]
call 00BA2E70



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