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Moopler Official Moopler Launch - Preview #2

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The second preview for the Official Moopler Launch is a nifty tool of mine called 'Valid8'. You might have seen a picture of it on the gallery or have seen me discussing it in the shoutbox.


About a month ago a large amount of accounts of mine were banned or deactivated by what is known in the community as a 'chainban' or 'hellban'. As I didn't exactly know which ranges of accounts were affect I had to check all of them, which is quite a number. To do this as effectively as possible I wrote my own tool that can inventarize accounts and report back to you.

This tool reports back with the following information:

  • The state of the account (banned, accessible or any other abnormality)
  • Correctness of the PIC
  • Correctness of the password
  • Characters and their names



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