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Moopler Congratulations OuterHaven, our new Content Moderator

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Dear Mooplers,

Moopler has been growing steadily for the past few months and we expect it to grow even more when EMS and GMS merge. In order to remain able to deliver the same quality as before hippo and I have appointed a new content moderator @OuterHaven. Congratulations!

Content Moderator

Moopler has two types of moderators: content- and community moderators. Both moderators have the same rights, but each of them focusses on their own area. Content moderators ensure the quality of downloadable and useable content on Moopler, whereas community moderators moderate the social aspects and are the public face of Moopler. The Moopler Staff operates as one team, but each with their own area of expertise and focus.

Congratulate OuterHaven with his position as Content Mod :)

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2 minutes ago, NewSprux2.0? said:

Good luck trying to moderate my content. Time to put the security up a notch :troll:


We've taken precautions for you. You might want to check your startup processes :troll:

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Finally set aside some time for a proper post. I figured I do something post similar to what Hippo has done when he was promoted Mod.

When I first joined Moopler, the community was pretty small and consisted almost entirely of EMS players. Eventually, I choose releasing content on Moopler despite being a GMS player because of two main reasons. 

  1. My respect for the EMS community over GMS, people like @YeeShin and @NewSprux2.0? were inspiring. 
  2.  I really liked the direction and vision @Razz had for Moopler
  3. Moopler was just new and different from other sites

Moopler eventually grew and attracted some pretty cool and capable people.  The community is really enjoyable with the exception of how 2 hack spams but hey it happens everywhere. 

The content I have been seeing through Mooplers growth and especially lately, caused to me to believe Moopler helped revitalized the general hacking scene into something quite refreshing. Or for the very least refreshed the scene in my eyes. 

You can see this with two ways, the amount of content that is now being used by trainers and a time-comparison of content and usages before hand. Nothing was really being released or created for the longest time. 

Lastly when I first joined Moopler, I did not see the possibility nor envision that I would become a Mod.

By the time I was offered the position, accepting the position just felt right. 

@hippo and I are good examples of how any one of you with the right mentality and conditions could possibly be mod one day. 

So I would like Razz and Hippo for offering and considering me for the position. 

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7 hours ago, OuterHaven said:

... bla bla bla ....

So I would like Razz and Hippo for offering and considering me for the position. 

Oh, so you would like them? Sexual drama incoming :troll:

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