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Moopler News Bulletin - September

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Dear Mooplers,

The news bulletin for September has arrived just in the nick of time.


The merge between Nexon Europe and Nexon Global has been postponed until further notice. Nexon's estimate is "a few weeks". While Nexon has postponed their merge we at Moopler have merged the MapleStory Global and MapleStory Europe sub-forums, with the exception of the release sub-forums for obvious reasons. In the weeks to come we will finetune the new category and sub-forums to be as accurate as possible.


The core database and functionality for the Marketplace is considered finished. We will await the merge before we start finishing the procedural and aesthetic aspects of the Marketplace.

Moopler Prestige

Over the past few months we've had several requests for an 'Elite' section on Moopler where extremely valueable content could be shared with a small amount of people. Hippo, OuterHaven and I have thought long and hard about the design of such a section on Moopler. Currently we're working on the last procedures and rules and hope to launch Moopler Prestige before the end of October. More details will be posted once the section is ready to be opened.

I suppose this is all for now.

Sincerely yours,

Razz, Hippo and OuterHaven

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