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Hey all,

Behind the scenes I have been working on a more aesthetically pleasing design for Moopler. With the upcoming merge it seems like a good idea to (re-)establish the Moopler brand with a certain amount of improvements to the community. One of these improvements is a new design.

I am about as creative as a brick, so I will need your help and input to come up with a good design for Moopler. Thus far I've come up with the following key points of the new design:

  • Change the paragraph text size from 13px to 11-12px;
  • The color scheme will consist out of dark headers, light backgrounds and a cool accent color;
  • The accent color is yet to be determined. I am aiming for a 'neonish' tint of red or blue;
  • A more compact header;
  • Coherent set of icons on relevant places.

It would be great if you guys and girls could show me some designs you like and tell me what you like about them :yay:

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it looks good. I can recommend small sizes for areas with text, it has been proven it reads a lot better if the width isn't as wide (as it is now)

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