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Question What does the Enabled Disabled Buttons script do?


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I had moved your post to the appropriate section, if you have a question please direct it into this section to keep the script thread purely for scripts.

The script simply takes many "disabled buttons" and forces them to become enabled to be clicked.

It’s a remnant of old MapleStory scripts and it used to be super useful for exploiting new events with new UI and buttons. Example the Commerci runs you used to be able to use as much supplies that you could afford/past the three-item limit per.  Another example is some picnic exploit where you can repeatedly claim the rewards through the button or simple packet before completing the actual requirement.  

It has its uses here and there but not much as it used to before, the only one I could remember ontop of my head is that in the Heroes of Maple, it enables all the buttons allowing you to click Act 4 before doing the prereq.  

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