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Question What exactly is skill grip?


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Commonly used with beginner skills (since there are hidden skills available for everyone, just not shown) the script/hack allows you to modify whatever skill you drag 'n' drop onto your hotkeys, to be the desired [input skill id] instead.

There are not many working examples to use for this script (at least publicly - because most skills WILL NOT bind regardless).

However, just for a sake of examples (Note: you must have the skill to be able to hot-key it with this method)

if you were to take the skill ID of "lucky seven" [1st job Thief] and input it into the script, whichever skill you drag 'n' drop from your skill book will be hot key'd as "lucky seven".

Hope this helps, if there's anything else you need clarified - I'd be happy to help. (But keep note, I won't be releasing any specific skill IDs to use/exploit)

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