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Help Cheat engine "Break and trace instruction" returns no result?



Hello, I'm trying to convert this script to a bypassless script but I encountered some problems when doing so.


define(MachGND,0191891B) //75 ? 83 BD ? ? FF FF 00 75 ? 8B

MachGND://Mach GND (Melee/Basic attacks)
db EB

db 75

What I did was :
1. Memory view > Go to address 0191891B
2. Right click
3. Break and trace instruction
4. Tick Save Stack snapshots
6.A window appears but contains no data inside

I tried entering the game and attack some mobs but still no data received. What am I missing ?


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Guest yuri

You are in the wrong location.

The aob should point at :

01C9459B - 75 2E                 - jne 01C945CB

Just attack to trigger it. Any of those jne's could be changed to reg jumps to allow gnd or change the compares to compare to 1


Edited by yuri

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