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Dear Moopler,

The long and highly anticipated Official Moopler Launch has also suffered of the introduction of the new anti-hacking software called 'Xigncode3'. Due to this both premières; WatyBot and Valid8, are no longer working and ready for release. Regardless of this Moopler will launch, but with a different set of expectations of what's to come.

What can we expect?

There are a few forum features that will be introduced during the Official Moopler Launch.

General Discussion forum

Due to the increasing amount of members and their most intriguing subjects of conversation in the shoutbox a new forum will be introduced to house all non-maplestory or programming related discussions.


I have received quite an amount of requests for a donating option and am happy to announce that the donating option will go live on September the 22nd. All donations and their goals will be made public and visible for registered members.

Monthly hacking review

Every month a review (and preview) of the current European MapleStory hacking scene will be posted on Moopler. This review contains an overview of most popular hacks, scripts, tools, and exploits; as well as guides, tips and tricks and many other things.

Background information

For the more technically literate people among us there will be frequent articles or threads on some of the technical aspects of hacking and internal MapleStory mechanics.

When will Moopler be launched?

Moopler will be launched on September the 21st.


There will be plenty of room to 'party', for as much as you can do that on a forum :).

Yours Sincerly,


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