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Help Creating new trainers/bots

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I used to make maple hacks back in the day (like 3-4 years ago?) and I was very inexperienced in programming and just copy pasted crap and put shit together. And it did work!

So anyway, I have a break and I kind of wanted to try again after a while and after looking around, most of the trainers seem to be executables which attach onto the maple PID. Whatever happened to .dll's that needed to be injected? That's the way I knew how to make em.

So anyway my question is, does anyone have any recent GMS sources? And also secondly, does anyone have a guide on how to implement assembly scripts into C++? Back then stuff like godmode was simple addy and offset stuff that were like 3 lines, now there's assembly involved and it's just a lot. But I'd like to try to learn as much as I can!


Thanks for taking the time to read :)

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