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Question Updating Scripts with broken aobs


So as many now from patch 182,2 to patch 183.3 many aobs broke, i'm wondering how to update this, does this scripts need to be redone completely or what?

i saw this post, but it wasnt helpful 



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You can find everything with the information I provided by taking the byte opcodes and switching diffs. If you know what to expect it isn't that hard as anyone made it seem when 183.1 came out.


Anyone can ask me for info. I don't mind sharing. I do usually like something in return :) 


<< "hey five show me the new CUserLocal::SetDamaged"

>> "okay give me three minutes to pick a song and look."



second result -> 8b ?? e8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 84 c0 0f 85 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 8b ?? e8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 84 [then go to function start]



v183.1 (left) and pdb leak (right) - showing common calls in CUserLocal::SetDamaged


(these are not on the aob above but is showing CUserLocal::SetDamanged)

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