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Moopler Server Migration

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Hey Mooplers,

In order to cut down on hosting costs I will be moving Moopler.net to another server somewhere this week. The migration should not cause any problems, but in case it does I am truly sorry :drop:.

I haven't been able to put in a lot of time and effort into Moopler, mainly due to the fact that I got and took some great opportunities in regards to my personal and professional life :). Perhaps I'll find some time in the coming few weeks to work a bit on Moopler again.

Yours truly,


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5 minutes ago, koreanrice said:

how much is the cost for the host rn? i might be able to help

The money isn't really the issue. It's just that I used to keep other projects separated from Moopler, but seeing as there's plenty of resources left on the Moopler Server I am going to merge them :)

I'll re-open the donations when the migration is complete :D. Thanks!

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