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Discussion Auto Rune Script?

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1-Find the function CUserLocal::ResetRuneStoneActionAndSendFailPacket and ret it. If you press the wrong arrow it won't cancel. So no need to complete the arrow in order.

2-Use CRuneStoneMgrForClient::NoticeInRect to open the arrow input.

3-Use the function CRuneStoneMgrForClient::KeyInput to do the arrow automatically


push 25 // Left arrow
push 26 // Up arrow
push 27 // Right arrow
push 28 // Down arrow

3-You need to be close to the rune to do it. Find a way to find the rune x,y and teleport to it.

Do not bother to call  CRuneStoneForClient::Disappear or CRuneStoneMgrForClient::OnRuneStoneClear. It's client sided and the map effect still take place.


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