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Question Maplestory Character Selection Packet


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it's your character id innit

double click your own char in game and see if same value is in packet to confirm (should be towards the end of the pkt)


i confirmed it for you (idc about my pic):

→ | 013BBF2A | 6B 00 06 00 39 38 39 37 39 39 1A 44 44 00 ....
→ | 025DDA40 | 47 01 90 F9 AF 29 1A 44 44 00 FF 00 01 00 00


to answer the second part, how it is created, it is sent to the client upon entering character select.

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3 minutes ago, Minseok said:

Thanks. It's the CWvsContext__dwCharacterID.

0312658C + 222C


or this call alternatively if you're more into that, which ends up just reading that pointer:


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        public static void SendSelectCharacter<T>(this LoginStageBase<T> s) where T : LoginContextModel
            PacketWriter writer = new PacketWriter(LoginHeaders.S_SendSelectCharacter);

            if (s.Client != null & s.Client.Connected)
                s.Client.SendPacket(writer, false);

This is the complete structure. The last Hwid string is structured as follows:

public override string ToString()
            return $"{BitConverter.ToString(MACAddress).Replace("-", string.Empty)}{HDDSerial.ToString()}{BitConverter.ToString(LocalIP).Replace("-", string.Empty)}{Checksum.ToString()}";



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