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Help Finding updated pointers/offsets

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I am completely new at using CE or hacking maplestory. I only know some coding like a bit of C, and some Java. I have done some research but couldn't fully understand how to use CE for my purposes. I am trying to find updated pointers for a script that I am using and the pointer names (i believe) are given, as well as the older (v162) version addresses(?) or something. I can't understand what the numbers mean because I am not sure what opcodes, pointers, offsets are (have not learned any assembly) and the script states in comments that I must update values of pointers for the versions I am on (196.2). I read that I should use AoB search to find the pointers and offsets, but I am not sure where the AoB would come from. For example: I don't really know what CUserLocal is, but I am guessing that it is a pointer name? And with that, how do I get an array of bytes to find the new address on my version of maplestory? Sorry for being really inconcise, there is a lot that I am confused about...

EDIT: for alll of the above, I am referring to a section titled v162 Pointers (can ctrl+f)

I've included the original script as attachment. It is a script for OssyriaMS private server (v162) and I am trying to use it to work on AriesMS (v196.2) which I understand is basically GMS. So if anyone has the updated GMS pointers and could just spoonfeed them, that would be great too :D but I also want to learn how to get addresses/pointers/offsets using CE! Thanks

aside: it seems that I am getting hacking detected when CE is opened, then the game shuts off. Any way to bypass?


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