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Information Where did people get info on RE and hacking games?

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It seems that Reverse Engineering and finding encryptions of the networks packets and everything related to this isn't available to learn anywhere, or I'm looking at the wrong places, where did all the pro's find their way into this? Not only into Maple they can go and make bots for any game i bet

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On 15/09/2018 at 10:16, NewSprux2.0? said:

No guide can actually teach you.

You just have to learn it on your own.

This. You could probably find people with similar interests but don't fully rely on socializing as a way of 'learning'.

There were a lot of forums that had good resources in the past but many of them got shutdown or are no longer fully active since.
https://www.ownedcore.com/ <- Lot of three letter agencies members were hired off here. Good dated tutorials but mostly dead.
https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/index.php <- Is still a historically good place to research past releases and some what dated source code.
https://progamercity.net/index.php <- Has some good old and dated information by dwar n friends.
http://www.antigameprotect.com/ <- We had a huge collection of resources. Lots of great developments. A lot have been leaked and passed around since. 
https://bbs.pediy.com/ <- Good threads but dated and are mostly in chinese. A lot of low level assembly questions and guides can be found here. <- Very dated but has always had good assembly references and ideas before being shutdown.
http://www.woaidaima.com/forum.php <- Currently the new best hub for anti-hack bypasses and drivers. Lots of AGP members and old friends are on here.

Anyways, read a book, or paper and spend time personally developing yourself rather than looking for a social environment for support.
Find a ongoing CTF if you are interested in that kind of thing; be careful many of those are dumbed down / pretty lame / no hype / no skill.
Crackmes are an okay way to apply yourself; some are just retarded and others are just rehashed features from previous ones:

Here are some book and paper picks to get you started:

Simplifying Assembly:
https://repo.zenk-security.com/Reversing . cracking/Practical Reverse Engineering.pdf
https://repo.zenk-security.com/Reversing . cracking/Unpacking Virtualization Obfuscators.pdf
https://repo.zenk-security.com/Reversing . cracking/Control Flow Obfuscations in Malwares.pdf
https://repo.zenk-security.com/Reversing . cracking/Deobfuscation of Virtualization-Obfuscated Software.pdf
https://repo.zenk-security.com/Reversing . cracking/Multi-stage Binary Code Obfuscation using Improved Virtual Machine.pdf

Windows Memory Security Bypassing:
https://repo.zenk-security.com/Reversing . cracking/Bypassing SEHOP.pdf

Hash and Crypt Analysis:
https://repo.zenk-security.com/Cryptographie . Algorithmes . Steganographie/Basic Cryptanalysis Techniques.pdf
https://repo.zenk-security.com/Reversing . cracking/Reversing CRC Theory and Practice.pdf

It takes time to apply yourself to anything. Learn in moderation. If you do too much too fast and you burn yourself out. Try covering different topics every other month or week depending on your free time to spice things up. If you do want to socialize I suggest avoiding heavy politically biased forums / meetups / events / media / articles / books; you will learn nothing of what was intended.

To answer your question in more detail I mean you are not going find a general guide of this is how everything works a to z but you can find key references and libraries. Like BlackCipher also liked Crypto++ (or still does haven't been on) so do a signature scan on the binary with a signature pattern of the library (tons of ida tools out there for this) then find points and understand where, how and when you should hook or grab from. Really if you know how to build it you know how to take it apart. Also, almost every game / anti hack now uses crypto++ or some crypto open source third party lib.

Here are some handy 'guide' links to help you get a feel (snipped from the general sites I hinted at above and others I had laying about):

https://www.rotlogix.com/blog/2018/7/21/reverse-engineering-the-xigncode-anti-cheat-library-xem-xel-file-analysis (android)

** an update:
MapleStory does use Crypto++. Couldn't remember until I re-checked.
I have some old Crypto++ signatures I made last year still on me. You might find them helpful in your quests: https://my.mixtape.moe/dkdcbm.zip

Here are some signatures that can be found in MS v186.3: https://pastebin.com/raw/L5sUwTih

You can then find back and see their usage of 3DES which was then applied to their packet encryption in which packet opcodes are mapped using this sort of pattern: {{ encrypted: original }, ... }


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10+ years of being involved in the community, staying up to date with the game/client/hacks/exploits, doing/trying stuff every day consistently, a passion/desire to learn, making friends and such along the way, working with teams and learning from others, the list goes on and on and on and on.  its your own journey / adventure.  no set way brother.  best of luck my friend.

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