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Release Maplestory M IDBs

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Maplestory M IDBs

Maplestory M

This is a collection of idbs for the Maplestory M mobile game. Supporting only x86 android systems

Getting Started

Open a idb of choice:

  • MM.XXXXXXXXX.x86.unity.idb   - compiled unity engine & export methods to il2cpp
  • MM.XXXXXXXXX.x86.ngsm.idb    - nexon game service management
  • MM.XXXXXXXXX.x86.idb         - il2cpp engine & compiled internal game engine & metadata


  • IDA 7.0


Currently using Maplestory M's current release versioning. Any idb updates will be followed with a alphabetical letter suffix in decending order.

0.3.104.A, 0.3.105.A, 1.3100.307.A, 1.3100.307.B, 1.3100.307.C, ..


Send a copy to me @Ezekiel or link in moopler. IDBs are too large and consume too much time to host via git forks. I will be pushing out a remote IDB server near the end of this year since my uploads to mega / pomf clones / misc are continuously being removed via false positive anti-virus scans, host admins, or compromised credentials:


  • Next versions will mostly contain fixes for virtual tables: object names and abstract methods


  • lol none; copy everywhere.



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