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Release Maplestory M BETA

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Maplestory M BETA

Maplestory M BETA

This is a collection of the Maplestory M BETA mobile games. Supporting only x86 android systems.

Nothing new here. Figured this is helpful for correlating between MONO C# and IL2CPP binaries. It has more clarity on functions, variables, and structures and is easier to modify and rip from. Quite helpful for understanding protection and networking features.

Anti-cheat / Xigncode3 is more or less a joke on mobile due to restrictions but is still interesting to look at.

Getting Started

Open a version directory of choice then select a directory:

  • file                            - raw apk file
  • java                          - extracted java api libraries
  • net                           - .net maple m and unity engine
  • x86                           - xigncode mobile, unity, mono, movie render, and native launcher


  • IDA 7.0
  • Visual Studio


  • lol none; copy everywhere.



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