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Source Nxt - Old production CLB

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Nxt - Old production CLB

I found an old CLB source that I used in 2016 for exploiting. Given that MapleStory has changed drastically I figured I would release this in the hopes that it might inspire other people. There's quite an amount of reversed game logic in this project, as well as three exploits (probably all patched, but who knows).

In short this CLB source demonstrates:

  • Working with WPF and MVVM as separation of UI, data and logic
  • PKG4 .NX file loading and using this data
  • (Outdated) Login structure
  • Bot timers
  • Multi-client
  • Exploits
  • Login-Channel design
  • Game logic reversed
  • Anti-tracking features
  • Showing results in UI


  • Quest Item Exploit
  • Superior Crystal Exploit
  • Hyper Teleport Rock Exploit (Some Asian Map for EXP)


  • @YeeShin
    For some/all of the exploits
  • angelsl
    For the .NET implementation of .NX files (PKG4)
  • Jonyleeson/sn0w
    For the original MapleLib, where I based my libmsclb on
  • @Yaminike
    For his Bouncastle-esque implementation of AES
  • @NewSprux2.0?
    Probably stole some stuff from this ni🅱️🅱️a's source on GitHub
  • @Waty (RIP)
    For the blueprint of Nexon's WebAPI.


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3 hours ago, wshh said:

1 out of the 3 still work

Then I suppose it's people's lucky day :)

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