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Farewell A long overdue goodbye

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So it has been a good one. We met a lot of people on and off the site over the past, almost, two years. 
Ezekiel was a great alias and handle on here to try for a final push to motivate.
Now It is time for the Ezekiel alias to move on. 
Don't worry. We enjoyed the constant on-slaught of pushing bounds to learn more and share more.

Me, personally, I enjoyed every second I was on here. 
Easy come and easy go. 
Sucks that this has to happen. I have alot I have backed up and made to share.
Oh well. I guess they will never see the light of day.
Peace and     
Xi out. I leave the rest to you.                                                           


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Who's "we"? Confused lol was "Ezekiel" a conglomerate of hackers united under the alias "Ezekiel"?

Every farewell on the Internet kinda feels like a episode of Friends where Ross holds a funeral for himself...to see who would show up and what they would say,
I half expect a "Jk, wow you guys suck" post a couple weeks later every time 

Anyways, thanks for sharing content and furthering knowledge here, wish you the best :)

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