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Guide fast lvling 30 till 100+

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hi all

this is a easy way 2 lvl very fast

make ur carracter lvl 30 and go to mr lee

find the underground bunker with the spiked balls(dont know there name)

go in the middle of the map
and open the 500k damage skill
and let ur carracter there for a hour 
it will kill and no d/c 
u can make it from lvl 30 till 130+ in a hour 

good luck with it

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You can go there with lvl 13 and Wolf Habitat is more recommended, because the map is smaller than the bunker :)

The mobs are level based, so exp will rise with your level, that's the reason why you will level so fast. Also assuming the maps are pre-kishin, you will be lvl 100 in ~10 min.

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due to Mr.Lee's Island isn't available anymore in v116.1, I suggest to lock this thread until my chinese bud comes back lel @Razz

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