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Moopler New stance on requests, begging and help

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Due to the recent influx of newcomers to Moopler I want to emphasize a few things regarding help and requests.


The shoutbox isn't the place to request things, if you have a script that you would like to get updated make a topic. By creating a topic other people will benefit from the answer as well. This kills the cycle of begging which has been going on in the shoutbox for the past couple of days.

Topic tagging

When creating a new topic you pick from a few predefined tags. You can set one tag as the item prefix, which will get presented as a red-purpleish flag/badge in front of the topic title.


Many people think the shoutbox is the best place to describe the problem they're facing, but as a matter of fact it's not. Posting a topic in the 'Questions' subforum of the MapleStory Europe category is a better option, because:

  • You can add images, code snippets or error messages without making it an unreadable blob of text;
  • There can be multiple answers to a question or problem. The enquirer can pick an answer as 'best answer', while the other users can up- and downvote answers based on their accuracy and relevancy.


Not only is begging ineffective, it's also rage inducing. Ofcourse you can make a request in the help subforum, but after asking the question once or twice without receiving an adequate answer you should rethink your request.

Another aspect is the way the question or request is phrased. The request should be S.M.A.R.T:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Acceptable
  • Realistic
  • Time dependant

Something like: "pls halp wif bypass" is neither specific, nor measurable, acceptable or time dependant. However, the following request is:


[Request] Anti aircheck for Aran EMS v116.1


I will start handing out warnings for behaviour that violates these guidelines. Repeat offenders can most certainly expect to get banned for a certain amount of time.

I started Moopler as a new and fresh platform for European MapleStory hackers and I stand for equality between members and quality content. I will not let anyone undermine this.

~Razz out

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